Statement of Purpose

speaks for the silent majority - the majority that wants to be left in peace to pursue its goal of improving its quality of life, but has been suffering in silence, the indignities heaped on it by insensitive governments who have abrogated to themselves the right to decide what is good for the people. In the process, the whole country has been turned into a cesspool of corruption. Public morality and character have reached an all-time low.

affirms that much of the unrest and ferment in our society is a direct result of State intervention in the day-to-day lives of our people. The economic reforms of 1991 reduced the State's stranglehold on commerce and industry. Yet, while GDP growth in the last ten years has been impressive, the slide in governance is alarming. The mindset of the permanent and elected representatives continues to be meddlesome and suspicious of civil society and motivated by the urge for survival. This has to change if India is to step out of the quagmire of impoverishment, insecurity and instability.

therefore stands for minimum government and maximum freedom, tempered by a sense of individual responsibility, in which the people's genius has a fair opportunity to develop and grow.

rejects any ideology, movement or policy that sets one group of citizens against another, be it based on class, caste, religion or envy.


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